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Welcome to Coco.

This is so much more than a tag line
It is the challenge that we take on in each of our projects.

Sounds lovely, right? But it's *% # @ * difficult.
And we love it.
We have to admit it.

We have a well-rounded creative team that enjoys doing "impossible" things

We work in partnership with talented and award-winning creative copywriters, screenwriters, producers, post producers, designers, comedians, musicians, engineers. Curious creatives, lovers of the arts, culture, life, good humor **, and good wine *

All of this to assemble the best team to fulfill your needs.

(*Wine is negotiable, we accept beer, lemonade, coffee, agua fresca. **Good humor is not negotiable)

We have extensive and recognized experience

When it comes to production, promos, and the entertainment world in general.

We excel in selling your stories

You create them; we make the audience get to know them.

We have the results and received a few awards to back this up.

We are fantastic at creating stories for your brand

Or how we like to call it "EEMII Content:"  stories that Entertain. Empower. Move. Impact. Inspire... because who doesn't like an EEMII? ;)

We are Coco Media

A Creative Production Company focused on the entertainment world, based in Miami. 

We have what it takes to create memorable projects together.

Sounds lovely, right? :)

It IS lovely. And real. We are the "perfect allies," that's what we've been told.





Creative Director & Executive Producer

Nemesio Mondelo Managing Director at Coco Media


Managing Director



* We have emails to confirm it.

"We want to thank you for all the work these weeks. Everything impeccable. Always a pleasure to work with Coco!"

- An ally

Sr. Creative Producer

"This wouldn't have been possible without Coco. It's a luxury to work with people like you. We hope to continue harvesting these successes together."

- An Ally.

SVP Creative Strategy

"Working with Coco is like getting on a Ferrari with cruise control. Already waiting for the next ride."

- An Ally.

Sr. Creative Producer

"It's a pleasure working with you all. I wish all our vendors were like Coco."

- An Ally

Anonymous position and company. Did not want to hurt any feelings.

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